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$25,000            10%            $2,500

$50,000              8%            $4,000

$110,000            8%            $8.800

$750,000           5%             $37,500

$1,500,000        5%             $75,000

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Learn to make money as a Business Broker, one of the easiest and most rewarding endeavors available.

As a business broker, earnings of up to $150,000 dollars or more a year are possible. It can be started part-time or full. And, you will not need a lot of money to get up and running. This is best business and easiest business anyone can get into.


You can start your business with very little, or no money and still keep your regular job until you know your business is a success. Many people have started this way as a become a business broker and found the lifestyle, freedom and happiness they'd been seeking for years.


How to become a business program is designed to teach ordinary people, without any background in buying or selling businesses. The program will show you a simple and easy method to earn huge fees and keep them all to yourself. Best of all, this is something most anyone reading this can do. To become a business broker you don't need to have industry experience.


All successful people have one thing in common they take ACTION... How about you?

Business Broker Guide

Did you know why it's so easy to make money in this business?


Approximately 18% of businesses are sold each year in the U.S.

There are approximately $360 billion worth of businesses sold each year. That's big money!

Industry survey has shown that the average small business selling price is about $200,000.

The average commission to a broker who sells a business is $18,000 or more.

The average home-based business broker earns between $300,000 and $400,000 in annual commissions. Some earn more.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside the Business Brokerage Program...

You will literally receive all the tools, ideas, methods, forms, and steps you can use to get started.
A clean digital copy of “Start & Operate Your Own Lucrative Business Brokerage Practice” Home Study Course. (Value: $149.95)

In this guide How To Become A Business Broker here are some of the things you'll learn about:
How to start your business brokerage practice in the quickest way...
The quickest way to identify those who want to sell their business...
The most efficient way to analyze and price a business for a quick sale…
List of businesses that tend to sell quickly...
How to analyze the financial statements...
The most effective ways to marketing...
The most efficient way to find buyers for businesses you’re selling...
What the most successful brokers do - and how to do the exact same thing...
How a broker earns money...
How to earn fees by providing valuation service to owners before they sell...
How to earn fees by writing business plans for owner who wants to raise financing...
How to earn fees helping to finance the purchase you broker...
How to buy businesses with little or no money down...
The most common mistakes - and how to avoid them...
Additional ways to generate income from your practice...
Overview of legal and tax issue...
and a lot more..
Business Valuation Spreadsheets. (Value: $24.99)
For those who are familiar with Microsoft Excel, as an added bonus, I am also giving away this comprehensive set of Excel Spreadsheets in a Workbook that has been coded to allow thorough analysis of a company’s financial. (Microsoft Excel Required)
All the Forms and Contracts a Business Broker needs. (Value: $59.95)
You will get all the forms and contracts you need to immediately start your practice. The forms are also in electronic format if you decide to make changes to them.

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